Be Dependable: Being a Good Roommate

two girls unpacking in their new dorm

Be Dependable: Being a Good Roommate

Whether you are a college student or a professional living away far from home, you can attest that living with a roommate can be stressful and anxiety-inducing. There’s nothing wrong with these emotions, especially if you are an introvert. You need to embrace the emotions and move on so that you can easily come up with measures that will make living with other people less awkward. One of the sources of anxiety in this scenario is the fact that there are no clear agreements between you and the roommates. This can be easily done, especially if you decide to take the initiative.

At first, communication the expectations can be difficult and challenging, especially if the roommates are not warm and friendly. But try again; only through trying will you know if one thing works or not. Whether you are living in a loft in New York or one of the rental properties in Athens, OH, here are some things you ought to keep in mind:

Agree on a set of rules

Consider your dorm or apartment to be a little country. When a country has no constitution, chaos and disturbances are bound to happen. The same applies to your dorm. The entire house will be problematic if you and your roommates have no rules to follow. As such, consider having a roommate agreement. This may sound basic, ridiculous, and unnecessary, but you will realize its importance when you actually need it. When drafting the rules, make sure that these will benefit all parties involved.

Set privacy lines

One of the reasons roommates get into fights and arguments is the fact that one of them does not know how to respect boundaries. Or if they have an idea of it, they just overlook it. To avoid such fights, you need to respect the privacy of your roommates. Avoid going through their things when they are not around. Do not be nosy, especially if you are not friends with them.

Be patient

three girls having teaYou may encounter roommates who do not look after their things. They may just leave their dishes unwashed, and they may be leaving the bathrooms dirty. You may consider letting go of these things when they have done them for the first time. You do not want to be petty, so be patient. But when your patience is being tested, do not hesitate to take proactive action—something that will be discussed below.

Do not hesitate to call them out

When they do things that create disorder and chaos in the room, it is your responsibility to uphold the agreement and the rules. Impose them, especially if your roommates have been neglecting their duties. Do not hesitate to call them out. If they keep on causing problems, consider calling your landlord.

Being a good roommate may not be the first thing that you will want to do, especially if you do not want to adjust. But remember, you are living with other people, which means compromises are necessary. Otherwise, be prepared to leave.

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