Sign Options for an Open House

for sale sign in front of modern designed house

Sign Options for an Open House

The primary element that will determine how fast and for what price you sell your home is its advertising. You might have the best property on the market, but without the right advertising strategies, you will get frustrated into accepting any offer a buyer makes.

Property advertising trends change continually as the needs of the consumers change. It is thus hard if not altogether impossible to pick the ideal marketing strategies when selling your home. Real estate companies in Guelph should be your first stop when you decide to put your home up for sale.

The professionals here are armed with the right marketing, negotiation, and pricing strategies to ensure your sale fetches top dollar, and you close a deal as fast as possible. One of the best marketing strategies currently in real estate is an open house where prospective buyers can see what they are buying into.

The success of an open house depends on the right signage. Here are some signs that might suffice for yours.

A-Frame Signs

These are plastic signs on foldable metal or plastic A-frames. They are easy to set up and store, sturdy and can be customized with sign riders.

A-frame signs are however low on the ground and might thus not be as readily visible as other options. Moreover, you need to stabilize them with water or sandbags in windy weather.

Feather Flags

These are large and vertical signs made of fabric. Their primary advantage is their height, which allows them to be seen from a distance, and they draw attention as they flutter in the wind. The text on them will nonetheless be written vertically, and this might make it hard for some people to read.

Feather flag signs suffice for places with tall hedges and bushes and urban areas with lots of parked cars that would obscure A-frame signs

Directional Signs

an open house sign placed at the yard

These signs are arrow-shaped and are placed along the path to your house to guide people. Directional signs reach a larger number of potential buyers compared to A-frame and feather signs since they will be placed in different locations.

They are your best choice for advertising a house for sale in a gated community or off major transport routes. This is because people would not ordinarily drive by the house to see your primary signs.

Interior Signs

It might be impossible to greet everyone who comes to your open house. Interior signage is essential to make all the people feel welcome and add a trendy twist to your showing.

There are now various customized signs that will set your property apart, impress your guests, or communicate some instructions. Interior open house signs generally suffice for high-end listings and those bound to attract a huge number of people.

Potential buyers are not the only people who will show up for your open house. You will also get nosy neighbors, agents looking for properties for their clients and at times, previous property owners.

Advertising your open house on real estate listing platforms will hence be limiting. The above signs will reach out to everyone and thus increase your advertising reach through word of mouth of the attendees to friends and families.

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