Visiting One of Australia’s Most Liveable Cities

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Visiting One of Australia’s Most Liveable Cities

In 2017, Melbourne received a total of 29.5 million domestic and international visitors combined. Named as the world’s most livable city from 2011 to 2017, Melbourne offers a plethora of sights and enjoyment to everyone who visits.

For tourists, the city’s many sights will keep them occupied. Its winding streets are the perfect place for the adventurous to lose themselves in. Its nightlife is a bustle of clubs, restaurants, and malls.

When the energy has died down, there is no lack of shelter for its visitors. There are many places capable of sheltering its curious sightseers. Many hotels are within its city limits, and there is plenty of land for sale. Suburbs like Wyndham Vale offering perfect home locations will make you want to stay in the country permanently.

The first thing that you will realise about Melbourne is that it has a lot to offer to a first-time visitor. With its economy significantly bolstered by tourists, it’s no surprise that it has acclimated well to meet demands. Most tourists will arrive at Melbourne Airport or the Port of Melbourne. Both of these lead straight into the heart of the city.

Daytime Activities

Places like Federation Square and the Melbourne Museum are the usual first stop. The St. Paul Cathedral is a perfect backdrop for photos, while the Melbourne Visitor Centre lies deep underground, ready to accommodate newcomers. Melbourne even has plenty of museums for those interested in history and a ferry line by the Yarra River for those looking for a relaxing cruise.

When you get hungry, Southbank Promenade and Chinatown are excellent places to rest in. In light of the dozens of restaurants and shopping locations, there’s no lack of choice with regards to food or souvenirs. The excellent coffee and selection of food will keep you on your toes. Chapel Street and Bridge Road are also great places to go to. These feature a superb selection of stores with a variety of goods, from clothes and gadgets to expensive jewelry.

Nighttime Activities

Nighttime in Australia

When evening arrives, Melbourne is still an enjoyable place. Bars like Bar Liberty and the Black Pearl cater to the more alcoholically inclined. They offer their patrons all kinds of food and drinks while giving off a relaxing atmosphere.

On the flipside, nightclubs like the Soul-A-Go-Go and the La Di Da are for the more energetic party goers. Those looking for something more exotic can opt for a night safari at Werribee Zoo instead or visit the Planetarium at night for live viewing.

When you’re ready to slink back to bed, lodging like the Sheraton Melbourne Hotel and the Tolarno Hotel are all ready to receive your patronage. For residents of Australia, the many suburbs inside Melbourne offer a great variety of homes to live in. Since it’s near the bustling heart of the city, it’s the perfect place for you to put your feet up.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, Melbourne has plenty of it. Consider visiting Melbourne. It can give you a perfect change of pace.

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