Why St. George, Utah is One of the Best Places for Retirement

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Why St. George, Utah is One of the Best Places for Retirement

St. George, Utah, the red rock city, is the perfect place for seniors to retire. Its warm weather, family-friendly communities, and an abundance of beautiful retirement homes make it the ideal place for seniors.

Consistent Ranking

The city ranked fourth out of 20 other places in 55places, Top 20 Best Places to Retire in 2018. 55places is a website for active adult communities in the country, helping retirees aged 55 and older find the perfect place to settle and retire in.

While in 2015, Money Magazine ranked the city first out of 25 other places in its feature article, Best Places to Retire. The magazine decided then that St. George’s senior population of over 32 percent, low home prices, and reasonable average property tax make it the ideal place for seniors to settle down at.

These rankings reinforce the idea that the outdoor scenery and warm climate of St. George is a great place for seniors to retire. But what are the other reasons that make the red rock city an ideal place for retirement?

An Active Life Amid Beautiful Surroundings

The beauty of South-western Utah draws retirees in, with 36 percent of the population aged 45 and older. St. George features stunning desert views, clear blue skies, and abundance of outdoor recreational activities for seniors to enjoy. The city itself sits along two rivers on the edge of the Mojave Desert where the landscape constantly changes color. The city is surrounded with vibrant colors from nature; huge mountains, green valleys, and striking red sandstones on the north side of the town that adds to its allure.

Aside from an abundance of natural beauty, the city also has different opportunities for outdoor relaxation. It has 10 golf courses and several state parks. The Zion National Park is the most popular out of all the state parks, where you can find red rock formations, cliffs, and desert vistas.

Bryce Canyon National Park, on the other hand, has pink limestone amphitheaters that glow at sunset. Visitors can enjoy riding their bikes, hiking on the numerous trails, riding horses, or engaging in fishing. The city also has three large reservoirs that also double as parks, where visitors can enjoy water skiing, boating, and fishing. Arizona’s Grand Canyon is also accessible from the city at 300 miles to the south.

A Stable Housing Market

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Another reason retirees want to move into the rapidly growing city is its affordable housing. You can comfortably buy a new home in St. George, Utah for an affordable price. The median home price in the area is $275,000, where old pioneer houses and South-western style developments thrive. Apartments are also in good supply, with the housing market in a stable condition.

Additionally, the cost of living index in St. George is 88.3, which is less than the national average across the country. The lower costs, affordable housing, and great scenery make the city a great place for the senior’s retirement.

St. George City has a lot to offer its residents, seniors and otherwise. The breathtaking natural features, temperate climate, outdoor activities, and the low cost of living make it an inviting place to settle into.

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